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Everything you need to know about our kawaii Doki Doki Crate


What Is Doki Doki Crate?

Doki Doki Crate is your monthly supply of everything "kawaii", or “cute"! Inside the crate, you will find 5-6 kawaii items that will help you throughout your day!. The monthly crates are curated by Tomomi-chan and her friends. ^_^ You can follow thei

What's Inside?

Each Doki Doki crate is a surprise of 5-7 practical items ranging from exclusive apparel to licensed collectibles, household goods, plushies and more. Additionally! A "manga-zine" comes with each crate containing information about each item plus a co

What Is Suteki Crate? And How To Win?

The Suteki Crate is a giant crate full of kawaii goodies that one lucky subscriber is randomly chosen to win each month. Each month has new items that can include video game consoles, DIY kits, plushies, figures, blind boxes, fashion items, stationer