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Everything you need to know about our delicious Premium Crate


What Is Premium Japan Crate?

Premium Japan Crate is the premier Japanese candy subscription service. Each month we handpick an assortment of fun and crazy candy, snacks, and DIY kits from Japan and send them to you. We pride ourselves on sending exclusive candy you can’t find in

What's Inside?

That’s a surprise!  What we can promise is that every month, you will receive 18-20 full-size Japanese snacks that are difficult or impossible to find outside of Japan. It always contains a DIY kit, a drink, and a specialty item.

Allergies / Diet Restrictions

We cannot customize crates based on diet restrictions at this time. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, we suggest to not order the Japan Crate.

Japanese Expiration Date

We'll give you information taken directly from a few of Japan's government agencies who helped come up with these guidelines. On perishables, like a bento, sandwich, milk, or any other item with a really short shelf life including food that needs ref