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What Is A Subscription?

A subscription means that you will be charged every month and receive a crate the following month. If you opt for the 3-month to 12-month subscription, your subscription will auto-renew every new billing date. You can find your billing cycle here (ad

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription once you're logged in to your account. Under My Account click on My Subscription. Under My Subscription click on Subscription. Then click on the rectangle where you can see your subscription. Scroll down and you will

Damaged or Missing Items

Please reach out to us about any damage or missing items from the shipping journey, we would love to help make it right for you! We would just need you to write in about these within 48hrs of delivery, with photos of the damage. Please write in at in

Promo Codes / Coupon Codes

You got an email, SMS, or any other type of promo code from us that you want to use? It's super easy!. Choose the crate you want and click on the Subscribe button. After doing so, click on the Checkout button and you will be redirected to the checkou

Change My Subscription Plan/Crate

The only time that you can change your subscription plan is before the next billing date.*. Just as you cannot cancel a multi-month plan prematurely (Read more about that here), you cannot change your multi-month subscription plan till it is over. If

Cutoff Date For The Next Order

Orders close at 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month. Any orders placed after then will be dated as the 1st of the following month.

What Is The Sugoi Crate?

The Sugoi Crate is a giant crate full of Japanese goodies that one lucky subscriber is randomly chosen to win each month. Each month has new items that can include video game consoles, oversized candies, Japanese toys/figures, electronics, plushies &

Can I Purchase Just One Box?

At this time, we do not offer standalone crates without subscriptions. If you would like to buy just one crate, you can always subscribe and cancel your subscription right away.  That way you will only be billed for that month’s crate.

Why Did My Subscription Renew?

All of our subscriptions renew themselves after the subscription cycle ends. In order to place a one-time subscription, you will need to cancel your order prior to the next billing date. Learn how to cancel your subscription here. If you fail to canc

Reactivate My Subscription

Whenever you cancel a subscription, you will always have the option to reactivate the subscription at a later date. After logging in to your Account, under Subscription you can reactivate your account by clicking on the Reactivate button. Renewed sub

I Don't Like My Crate. Can I Get a Refund?

Our crate contents are a surprise each month. As with blind box toys or gachapon, you cannot request a refund or an exchange if you do not like the contents of your crate. You can, however, reach out to our support team to let us know what you didn't

Skip Your Renewal

Anytime you want to skip a crate, you can skip your renewal! Just go to your Subscription and click on the Skip This Order button. Be sure to skip your renewal before your billing date and remember that if you don't want a crate for the following mon