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Everything you need to know about our delicious noodle crate


What Is Umai Crate

Umai Crate is your monthly fill of Japanese noodles! Each Umai Crate is specially curated and contains 7-8 Japan-exclusive instant noodles. The noodles range anywhere from specialty ramen to Japanese-style spaghetti. You'll also receive a surprise bo

What's Inside?

Every Umai Crate will come with 7-8 Premium Japan-exclusive instant noodles! There will be a wide variety of different noodles that include ramen, udon, yakisoba, spaghetti and more! Each Umai Crate will also come with a monthly bonus item that could

Allergies / Diet Restrictions

We cannot customize crates based on diet restrictions at this time. If you have any food allergies we recommend not ordering the Umai Crate as there are no ingredient labels on the items.

Japanese Expiration Date

We'll give you information taken directly from a few of Japan's government agencies who helped come up with these guidelines. On perishables, like a bento, sandwich, milk, or any other item with a really short shelf life including food that needs ref

How Long After the "Best Before Date" Can I Enjoy My Noodles?

We can't really answer that but can give you some guidelines that might help you decide. First, does "Best Before" the date have a Year / Month format?. Or a  Year / Month /  Date format?. If it has a Year / Month / Date format, the manufacturer is l